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Originally Posted by BMWE90 View Post
^ 18-1 really doesnt mean anything because all people will remember is who won the Superbowl. Seriously 18-0 was impressive until they lost the one game that counted the most. Now it's like 18-1? ehhh...

Brady & Moss can be back for the next 10 years and that still doesnt really phase anything. I mean think about it, Moss got double & triple coverages in the SB because he was pretty much their primary weapon. If you use someone too much sooner or later your opponents will figure out a way to stop him. Also, other teams will get better players and thus present more of a threat next season. Besides, I dont think the Patriots can get any better as many on their teams are past their prime now. That and since they dont get the 1st round draft pick, I dont think their team could get any better.
haha, ok or maybe moss got tired and wasnt use to the cold. If you really think the Pats are done and wont do good next year then you are just proving your biased is getting in the way.

Let me guess the colts will do amazing next year even though manning has shown he sisnt shit without good receivers.

Originally Posted by WAYNEBO View Post
It too was hard for me to root for the New Jersey Giants. I have no ill will towards Pats players or fans.. in fact I lived closer to N.E. (Vermont) than Buffalo, but the running up of scores this year really cemented my belief that Belicheck is just a fucking prick that got what he deserved. If Brady would have busted a leg in the 4th quarter of that ridiculous game, Billy Boy would not have even been in the playoffs. After he's gone, I'll prolly have a soft spot for them again, like the other AFC East teams. But then again, when their stars eventually fade, and they are just another team... KARMA IS A BITCH!!!
Are you serious running up the score? Im glad you arent a fan you are a baby. Its called PRO football. If you suck then thats your problem. and its not running up the score the Pats have lost before even when up a shitload.

Grow up you losers, get a better team and then maybe we wont mop the floor with you.

Originally Posted by xxballinboi786 View Post
actually, i was a brady fan, just not a patriots fan...I was routing for the giants, but i admitted that brady was better than manning...after last nights game, anyone who says manning isnt a great qb can leave the conversation...the second last play on the winning drive was one of the most amazing things ive ever seen...had 3 defensive linemen gotten that close to brady, he wouldve fallen to the ground like a little bitch, as he had shown previously in the game...manning broke the tackle, made room, looked down the field and completed a 32 yard pass, and then followed with the game winning think that was a fluke? oh yeah, i're a pats fan...
That was a fluke, it was all luck. It was an amzing play i wont take that away. But if brady did that id say its luck too. The guy who caught it caught it off his helmet.

And because of that one play Manning is a great QB now? Im sorry but no.

Also you guys are forgetting the records the team, Brady and Moss broke this year. They are cemented in history for life. Next year is just another super bowl. Trust me.