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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
haha, ok or maybe moss got tired and wasnt use to the cold. If you really think the Pats are done and wont do good next year then you are just proving your biased is getting in the way.

Let me guess the colts will do amazing next year even though manning has shown he sisnt shit without good receivers.
You've got to be kidding me. First of all let's not start another Colts vs Pats debate here. Secondly I never said Pats will not do good next season. I only said that I doubt they will get better and I'm not sure they'll actually present a higher threat because everyone now knows the Pats are beatable. Not only that but other teams will get better too.

Lastly, I never said anything about the Colts. I think you're just upset that your Pats didnt go 19-0 like you and many Pats fans have expected. And FWIW the Colts had an amazing season even with all the injuries they had ALL SEASON LONG! I would like to if the Pats can even win as many games as the Colts did if their top defenders and wide receiver were out. Damn I just realized that this really did turn into another Colts vs Pats debabte. Hopefully it will end with this post.