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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
haha, ok or maybe moss got tired and wasnt use to the cold. If you really think the Pats are done and wont do good next year then you are just proving your biased is getting in the way.

Let me guess the colts will do amazing next year even though manning has shown he sisnt shit without good receivers.

Are you serious running up the score? Im glad you arent a fan you are a baby. Its called PRO football. If you suck then thats your problem. and its not running up the score the Pats have lost before even when up a shitload.

Grow up you losers, get a better team and then maybe we wont mop the floor with you.

That was a fluke, it was all luck. It was an amzing play i wont take that away. But if brady did that id say its luck too. The guy who caught it caught it off his helmet.

And because of that one play Manning is a great QB now? Im sorry but no.

Also you guys are forgetting the records the team, Brady and Moss broke this year. They are cemented in history for life. Next year is just another super bowl. Trust me.
not because of a single play. Because he demonstrated time and time again throughout the entire game that HE was the leader of the team, and HE was the one who needed to make plays to win the game. Which he did.