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Originally Posted by fastjon View Post
Not wanting to rain on the parade here, because I've certainly waited long enough (11/30 drop-off). My more pessimistic representative (Sonnen in San Rafael) gave me this note:

Looks like the vessel will arrive the 12th [meaning Port Hueneme] (under normal weather) and due to the Euro origin the customs may take a bit longer than straight US deliveries...Should not take more than 10-15 days past the arrival of the car.

Interpreting this I should get my car between the 22nd and the 27th - I am resigned to getting it by March 1
My guy also said it gets to port about the 12th but I don't get the comment about the "Euro origin". Obviously, most of the BMW's come from Germany and I haven't seen any comments about this particular delay on any other threads. Let's hope your rep is wrong.