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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
No, you haven't. No you don't. We do follow our advice.

You DO think to, just not CRITICALLY.
Wow!! Thanks for explaining to me how I think and what I know. I can now go on with life!!

By the way, if you're atheist, agnostic, or whatevcer you are, why do you come to, and post on the religion thread? Looking for something? Or does it just bother you that some people are Christians? It's like me going to a Dodge truck forum and telling them how stupid thay are for liking Dodge trucks. I find it fascinating that your posts are all over the religion threads, it really seems like you're searching for something.

My question is this, why is it that liberals, atheists, etc.... always say that people should have an open mind and be able to freely believe anything they want, yet spend all their time trying to cram their own belief system down other people's throats? And tell everyone that doesn't agree withg them that they are ignorant, and not half as intelligent as they are.

Here are two links to a study on Prophecy and Christianity, by someone who is extremely intelligent. It's not a sermon, it's a study. Listen if you want, if you don't then don't.

As for me, I'm a Christian. I have no doubt in my mind that I'm correct. As you probably have no doubt in your mind that you are correct. All I'm guilty of is claiming my belief in Christ. I've never said you have to believe what I believe, and I've never tried to convert you to being a Christian. All I'm doing, as are other Christians on this board, for the most part, is saying, I'm a Christian and I'm here, if you ever want to learn about my beliefs, feel free to ask.

If you don't believe in what I believe, that's fine. In my opinion, you'll have to answer to a much higher judge than I someday, but that's between you and him, and once again, that's just my opinion. So go be happy and believe what you believe, and if you ever find yourself with questions, please feel free to come to me or any of us on this board and ask. We'll be happy to explain, or help you find answers.

Here's how I see it. I believe when I die, that I will live in eternity in a place far greater than this, and if I didn't accept Jesus, I would live eternity in a place far worse than this. I believe I will live for eternity, it's just up to me to decide whether it will be in a really great place or a really bad place. That's what I believe. You believe that when you die, the lights just go out and nothing happens. Bam, it's all over. So if you're right, when I die, it will just be lights out....I was wrong, who cares. But if I'm right, when you die, you're going to have to live a long time in a really bad place. You may disagree, but I prefer my scenario better. As it stands right now, I get either really good or nothing, and you get either really bad or nothing. If I'm playing poker, I like my hand a little bit better.

But once again, that's just what I believe and I don't expect you to agree, so go have a nice day, and remember if you ever have any questions please feel free to ask.

And to answer a question I saw you had asked somewhere else, no Muslims and Christians are not worshipping the same God.

Other than that, we both love BMWs and are probably very similar.