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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
lol, my dad owns a chain of gyms. Anyone here in FL workout? You'd know it if I told you.
I work out @ Porky's Gym 24 hour fitness.

I've had so many memberships at different clubs its insane. I've tried them all from the pricey health clubs to the hole in the middle of no where steel dungeons.

I actually prefer gyms that get to the point. No contract, monthly membership, with equal amounts of steel and cardio.

Proky's Gym in Miami is pretty good except many people have caught on and it gets pretty packed during peak hours. It has plenty of free weights, a good amount of cardio, some good hammer strength machines, and the machines for the girlies.

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sure Vintage is rad, but if they screw up the prep it won't matter if they coat it in pure white carnauba picked from trees that bloom every ten years during a full moon; it will still look like ass. ---PICUS