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Originally Posted by asif163 View Post
Referring to point #2- what about when going downhill and trying to maintain a moderated speed- I would think braking too much going downhill MAY cause the brakes to fade excessively so downshifting becomes essential (like when I'm coming back from skiing in VT/Maine etc). Anyone care to elaborate on their shifting technique while going downhill and trying to moderate a stable speed? I've always wondered about the best way to do this...maybe I should just stick to using the brakes?
It would have to be a very long steep hill for your brakes to fade on a new Beemer or any other car for that matter. However I would agree with you that if not changing down would cause you to go too fast for the conditions then downshifting might be appropriate i.e. if you would have to brake for a long period to keep your speed under control, then I think you would be in too high a gear and should shift down. For example if I was following a lorry doing 40 mph down a long hill, I wouldn't be in 6th but most probably either 4th or even 3rd.