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Originally Posted by nub340 View Post
There is nothing wrong with engine braking when you use it in the right scenario, but if you're about to come to a complete stop there is really no point.

When your driving down a steep grade it is a good idea to downshift and use engine braking to control your speed and only use the brakes to augment your braking, tapping them once in a while to keep your speed in check. RIDING the brakes for a long time downhill is never a good idea, and WILL cause brake fade.

Even on our cars with anti-brake fade technology, we can still experience brake fade. Our cars only increase brake pressure to compensate for brake fade. What do you think happens when your car reaches the maximum achievable brake pressure and the brakes just keep on getting hotter? Just because your car has technology to help prevent brake fade doesn't mean you can't get brake fade, it just takes longer, you should never rely on it.
That's exactly what I was thinking- I use the technique that you mentioned above- good to know that I was doing it right all along haha...or at least "right" according to you and I.
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