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Originally Posted by STE92VE View Post
Many things have been covered in this thread and I would just like to add one thought:

You know you're driving a MT correctly when your passenger doesn't realize you're driving a MT. Think about it....
good point. u gotta do CDV delete for sure then

Originally Posted by kikkomanrj View Post
Shoes and seating position are also factors. Try engaging the clutch with heavy work boots and you'll know what I mean. If you're starting out, stick to gym shoes or dress shoes. A rock solid sole will prevent you from getting that "feel" of the catch point.

Seating position will vary from driver to driver but you don't wanna be so far away that you have to extend your leg completely to disengage the clutch. Unfortunately, this prevents gangsta lean.
nice! yah i know... i been researching the best driving shoes for a while now... i even have a thread on that

Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
I've only skimmed the first few posts because I have been driving a MT for a few years and don't think I need to learn at this point, but why would you need to push in the clutch twice to revmatch a downshift? That just seems like it would take waaaaay to long to do smoothly.

Just put the clutch in, select the lower gear, and as you are letting the clutch back out blip the throttle right before the engagement point. I guess I don't see the point of double clutching then.
believe it or not, it becomes pretty fast to do.

Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post

BTW, Mantis, after switching over from the auto to the MT, do you now see why a lot of enthusiasts are so passionate about driving a MT? Regardless of what shifts a tenth of a second faster, there is just no comparison when it comes to the driving experience IMO. Mostly because my car is a manual, I look forward to driving it everday.
bro... i never doubted MT. i knew i was going to regret getting auto. but when my 6MT G35 was gone i was like i want it backkkkkkk
so im back