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Originally Posted by mantis View Post
but at what point do you guys put in neutral when you stop? at what point do you depress the clutch?

also, as you stop do you keep down shift to match ur speed with the right gear?
Keeping in mind everyone has their own driving style, here's mine. This is assuming normal, relaxed driving:

Assuming I'm in 5th or 6th, I usually downshift my way to 4th before I stop for a light. 4th is enough to offer some engine braking but not get too ridiculous about it. Brake while in gear until you're right near 1K RPMs (which is damn slow, maybe 5-10 mph), put in the clutch, pull it out of gear and fully stop. I usually sit there in neutral and don't put it in 1st until I'm getting reading to move again.

Originally Posted by kikkomanrj View Post
Seating position will vary from driver to driver but you don't wanna be so far away that you have to extend your leg completely to disengage the clutch. Unfortunately, this prevents gangsta lean.
I loved this comment.

Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
I've only skimmed the first few posts because I have been driving a MT for a few years and don't think I need to learn at this point, but why would you need to push in the clutch twice to revmatch a downshift? That just seems like it would take waaaaay to long to do smoothly.
There are probably YouTube videos of race drivers doing it. They are blazing fast when they double clutch a downshift. It's cool to watch.
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