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Aaaarrgggh.. this drop is proving to be more expensive than budgeted. okay okay. So get an alignment. What do you mean performance alignment vs. normal alignment?

I can't recally what the performance shop quoted for alignment, but i figured to get the install by them, and then take it to a simple service shop to get the alignment. maybe discount tire? if they do that. i think the performance shop said it would be like $120.

can you explain WHY i would need an alignment? thanks.

Originally Posted by HRC
Yes! Why anyone (not just you) thinks that the suspension can be removed and replaced without an alignment puzzles me to no end! People spend the money for suspension parts but don't want to complete the job! Getting a "dialed-in" alignment from someone knowledable can go a LONG way to making the most of your car's suspension. Even if you don't get a performance alignment, you should get a basic one, or at least put it up on the rack to see if everything's in spec, it's worth it!!!