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Okay, agreed. I remember now with my prelude i did get an alignment done.

but i will go for a factor spec alignment. I don't want to wear the tires out more than they need to, don't autocross; imho the car handles awesome as it is.

so how much should i expect to pay for a factory spec alignment?

Originally Posted by HRC
The difference between a performance alignment vs a spec alignment is the performance version will give you more toe, camber, etc...for better grip, increased turn-in response, worse tire wear. A spec alignment will get the car within factory specs for acceptable tire wear and not overly agressive handling.

When the car leaves the factory, it get's an alignment because by just installing the suspension alone, the car will not track in a strait line. But that's okay, that's why they have adjustments built in. Once those adjustments are altered, like when you remove the springs and dampers, the specs are gone. So when you alter the suspension, you need to re-align it, either to factory or performance specs.

Lowering is never just a matter of installing springs. At the very least, you should get the car alignment done.