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Originally Posted by txusa03 View Post
Ok, I will play along. Someone tell me what is so bad about this technique. Here is my version of rev matching going from 5th to 4th:

1) depress clutch
2) shift from 5th to 4th
3) blib gas and let gas off very slowly
4) let go of clutch

I skip the neutral part...
What you are doing is simply called single clutching, which is exactly what i do when i downshift. As for what mantis went over is called double clutching. They both do the same thing except according to a friend of mine, double clutching is no longer necessary on newer cars. But i might be wrong.

I learned driving stick on my new 08' e92 and with the help of mantis. It was hard at first, but with couple times of practice, which involves constant stalling. You will get it. I never knew it would be possible to learn stick through someone online. In my case, it would be mantis and i am really grateful for his effort.

Thanks Mantis you are the best man!