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Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
civil and maybe mechanical are the only two engineering disciplines that really need PE license. technically, a professional is anyone displaying a good set of manners in business environment. same goes for engineers. there are people in my field who have 30 years of ChE experience without PE license. they are by any definition professionals.

in my opinion, while trust is definitely earned, you also need to have a littlebit beyond just a contract. rigid management breeds passive-aggressive employees. seen it over and over again in my measly 7 years of experience.
really? I'm an electrical and can not sell engineering services without a license...this is true for all 50 states, PR and Canada...there are corporate exemptions if you sell material, not services, but even they usually have one PE for legal purposes...

in our business, you can not even put 'engineer' on your business card until you are can not make decisions without the direct supervision and concurrence of the engineer in 'responsible charge'...period

I will not jepordize my emplyees livelyhoods by violating law or the binding code of ethics...or 'trusting' someone that isn't a PROVEN quantity...

re: trust
it's earned, were you ever in the Military? until I work with someone, I will not trust them...I don't KNOW them...
family members fuk each other over all the time...a stranger of the street? come on

by turning the internet off, we are helping them, some folks have a problem with it, and this allows them to focus on work and suceed...

it's our policy
they sign an agreement
and we have more applicants than openings
a very low turnover
1/2 the company >25 years...

fyi: all the licensed disciplines...get licensed!

• PE Agricultural
• PE Architectural
• PE Chemical
• PE Civil
• PE Control Systems
• PE Electrical and Computer
• PE Environmental
• PE Fire Protection
• PE Industrial
• PE Manufacturing (This exam is not being offered after October 2003.)
• PE Mechanical
• PE Metallurgical and Materials
• PE Mining and Mineral
• PE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
• PE Nuclear
• PE Petroleum
• PE Structural I
• PE Structural II
• PS Land Surveyor

I'm licensed in 3
control systems