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Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
yes, really. not everyone is selling engineering services. there are sub-fields/careers in every discipline of engineering where you might need PE license. there are others where you don't need it.

right, in your business. not everyone does your business or has a need for PE. i work for pharmaceutical industry and the only engineers that need PE are the ones involved with building construction, deal with setup of utilities inside of facilities. knowledge of FDA regulation is another beast, which has absolute ZERO relation with PE license.

Are you implying meaning of trust can only be learnt in Military? Wow! If you are half way decent manager you should be able to judge whether your subordinate is doing his job or not, regardless whether he has internet at work or not. All my bosses (past and present) knew how long it takes to finish a task, because they went through same thing.

I don't have a need to get licensed. In my field it is a not a requirement or even remotely needed. Not a single colleague of mine is PE, older or younger.
I also worked in bio/pharma for 20 years, mostly process design...
most of my collegues were PE's, except for the jr guys...

I did validation (FDA) of many large facilities:
Groton Pfizer
Imclone, both pilot and production plants
Cardinal Health, FL, NJ, PA
at least 20 of them, maybe more

you name it...all the leaders were PE's

it was an example...people seem to learn it faster in the military since the stakes are so much high...I'll take that as a NO, or you'ld know of what I speak (as I do )

you know why bosses wear neckties? to keep the foreskin from falling down

dood, who do work for...I want to make sure I don't take those pills