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Originally Posted by roadkillrob View Post
I think it is a waste of your time and money - if you want them to look more like HID's, just get xenonmatch bulbs ( that throw the same color and it will look the same on the highway for like 30 bucks.

i call BS. Are you telling me that Halogens with some aftermarket bulbs (i.e. 4300k color bulbs) are going to put out the same output as our OEM Xenons or an aftermarket HID kit. If people wanted just the color, then yes changing the bulb is the obvious thing to do. But most people that go with aftermarket HID kits want the OUTPUT of light.

And i really doubt it will look the same on the freeway. With HID fogs, i can go driving around with no headlights on and it will be as if my xenons were on. I dare you to try that with some random aftermarket bulb in your fogs.

to OP. I've been thinking about HID fogs too but as of right now, it seems as if its not worth the hassle. Every company out there that made HID kits for our fogs claim no errors but in the end, people always throw error. Maybe you can try UED's kit since they garuntee no error, but for now ill wait till there is a true plug and play kit with no error.