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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
I also worked in bio/pharma for 20 years, mostly process design...
most of my collegues were PE's, except for the jr guys...

I did validation (FDA) of many large facilities:
Groton Pfizer
Imclone, both pilot and production plants
Cardinal Health, FL, NJ, PA
at least 20 of them, maybe more

you name it...all the leaders were PE's
Thats funny, because we have two guys with PE and they are mechanical engineers involved with construction and utilities validation. No other people in process engineering group or validation have PE.

it was an example...people seem to learn it faster in the military since the stakes are so much high...I'll take that as a NO, or you'ld know of what I speak (as I do )
Saying stakes are high is relative. Being in the war yes, getting trained to be a soldier - no. I could name you thousand situations where you could learn about trust. I grew up in war-torn Yugoslavia and was there during the conflict. Maybe we can share war memories if you have any?

dood, who do work for...I want to make sure I don't take those pills
har har har