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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Welcome to the forum Uber. Glad to have another Tennessean on the board. I saw you bought 189s. Very nice choice. Do you have any other mods lined up? Post up some pictures of your car!
LOL. yes. I have Lux 5.0 hopefully making their way out tomorrow from NAMotorsports/MDS. I will be doing a grill blackout and debadging (I think it makes the rear look so much more clean) once it warms up just a bit.

I have a set of sport shocks/springs on the way, should be here tomorrow - also thinking about throwing on a rear sway bar in the process.

I'm going to get 15mm spacers for the rears to push the 189's all the way out. Though, I'm not sure how much height drop from non-ZSP to ZSP there is, I think i remember reading something between .6-.8", so it shouldn't negatively affect camber and/or rubbing w/ 15 mm spacers. If so, I may just go with 10mm.

The carbon filter delete, as well.

And I think the euro rear fogs mod looks pretty quick/painless.

Once I get all that settled, I probably want to get some blacklines. I have 30% Huper Optik, but it's still bubbled in some spots after like 4 weeks, so that is going back this week to get re-done.

That, and I suppose I am thinking about doing something of an audio upgrade (non-L7), but that will be a huge pain, so I'm waiting that out for a few. Really it's just the sub response that drives me nuts, especially when i roll down the windows and the cabin pressure drops - it's horrible. But I figure if i'm going to tear in there and do that w/ amp upgrade, i might as well get the rest while i'm at it. big sigh there.

I plan on taking some decent pics, especially while doing some of these mods, if anything to add some supplimental value to the DIY section of the forum.

Hopefully this should keep me busy, but if you guys can think of anything else i should do, let me know )