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Tried something new this morning on the way to work, was wondering if anyone else does this?

When I am driving normally (like 95% of everyone else on the road) it always sucks shifting into second as my car gets the hicups. The only way ive been countering this is my "feathering" a butt load as i slowly give it gas. When i do this i feel like i am riding my clutch to much...

So this morning I sad f--- 2nd gear and just shifted from 1st to third and it was a much more smooth transition.

I don't really have problems when i accelerate fast (as i'm probably shifting faster) from first to second and at higher rpms, but when i'm just getting around (especially with speed sensitive people in the car!) it is nice to be able to drive w/out scaring the $hit out of them, or making them into bobble head dolls.

I'm thinking of delaying my modded CDV until i try out my short shift lever/knob for a while, as id like to keep my clutch under warranty Hopefully going from 1st to third will help make this bearable!