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Originally Posted by Curt2000 View Post
Thanks for keeping my thread on top via people making fun of you! Had a few offers too...seems people are actually willing to pay for a well engineered and built product. You know I think you’re on to something with your expensive "Bent Pipe" theory. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people are paying thousands of dollars every day to bent pipe producers such as DINAN, Borla, AEM, Injen, K&N, ect.. for exhausts and intakes that are nothing more than bent pipe that YOU could be producing for about 25 dollars...I mean how do these companies stay in business when you could be bending pipe with your ass for 25 dollars and yielding a comparable baffles my mind.
Because people in this world are lazy and scared. Why get/make a custom exhaust when you can just buy something eveyone else already has and likes. When in retrospect you are just a product of marketing. You(or the buyer of these products) is too scared or has no time too do r&d. Many factors make up why someone actually buys these products. Hey too each his own but i am just addressing your statements and hey Gl with the sale.
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