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I personally had a negative experience when trying to buy a car at Gebhardt, though I don't think it's systematic with that dealership. I test drove a car, then called and emailed the next week to try to setup a time to work through the ordering details, and they wouldn't email or call me back. Apparently they had someone quit, but even so it was frustrating.

I wound up buying from Co's BMW in Loveland, and everything has been great so far. I always get BMW loaners for my service appointments, they do a decent job washing the car, taking care of details, etc. When my battery died and my car needed a tow (faulty computer module in the CA system drained the battery dead), my SA had someone on their staff deliver an X3 loaner to my house that afternoon, 35 miles away, so that I wouldn't have to get a ride from a friend up to the dealership.

It's a bit out of the way, but they offer excellent service. PM if you want more details.

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