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i think it looks great..... not surprised of the responses in here though..... go to and post pics of the e90 and most people there will say its fugly... and generally side by side the e46 absolutely destroys the e90 in looks. but the performance of the e90 (335) definetely makes up for it. i would definetely take a e46 330 over an e90 330 any day of the week though.

that's just my opinion. i do like the e90 and the 1 series, but i feel that the e46 is just a better design than both of them combined. especially the headlights which were straight and "mean" looking in the e46 compared to the slanted headlight look of the e90 and 1 series.

hopefully this slanted Toyota headlight trend will end soon and mean lookin bimmers will make a comeback. unfortunately BMW is selling more than ever so it just means more people like this trend. but whatever, the glory days are over. used market still exists.