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Originally Posted by astra View Post
i have a quick auestion...

the graphics on the stone age version i have are pretty dodgy, would that improve with an upgraded disk?
Probably not ... The graphics is more due to screen resolution, matrix size and contrast of the LCD. I'm not a beleiver of such in-built consumer units. The fact is you pay a lot of money of a nav system that is outdated very quickly and reality is once the car hits the used car market, it's a feature that is hardly a selling point any more becaue a $350 Tom Tom has beter features.

Originally Posted by GeriFix View Post
New DVD should bloody well be free. A new DVD implies the old version is faulty (and it is ... new streets not shown, changed traffic conditions etc) and it should be treated like a recall.
A new version doesn't imply that yours is faulty. It's evelotion as they add more features. Your in the same position as all other Nav uses that opperate Ver 13 Sensis maps. I have version 13 in my Tom Tom too. Surely BMW should give a free update to anyone that purchased a new car within the last 6 months and maybe a reduced rate for anyone within the last 12 months.