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Originally Posted by LACA335i View Post
Irvine BMW tried to sell me my e90 for 900 per month and 18 % down becuase i owned too many homes in result i have high debt ratio. i do really my car but not with that price. I even told them i know i have will be upside down on my e46 325i brand new 05. only driven about 32000.. anyways. i went to my old place that i bought my other car. i got a deal and told them i want to this car from irvine bmw.. can u swap it. if you can do it, we have a deal .. So they did. I signed a contract for 741 per month .. with 8 % interest.. . A week later .. i drove to irwine bmw.. and talk to the same people. about getting a new car. Basically i just want to rub it on their face. They cant treat a bmw owner like this.. YOu guys show have see their face.. all red.. lol
BY the way.. SHelly and Irvine and i forgot the name of it in Hawaii owned by the same owner..
What?!? I understood most of this after reading it three times, but what do you mean "i have will be upside down on my e46 ..."?