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Angry Petrol to reach 1.50 a litre by end of 2008

Now I don't normally read the typical facist, right-wing rags like the Mail or Express. But on the way into work this morning, I was listening to the radio where they mentioned this article.

Now we all know that nearly 70% of fuel costs are tax (both fuel duty and VAT). Therefore when the wholesale cost of oil goes up, then percentage wise, so does the forecourt price.

However, since we've reached the 1 per litre (I paid 1.12 for Diesel on the A14 yesterday!), I think something is going to have to give! The "motorist lobby" in the UK is such a large body of people, why haven't we stood up to this huge injustice in taxation.

I'm not normally the person to take direct action, but it got me thinking that why as a "nation" are we continually ready to keep taking this kind of taxation bashing from the government?

If we were french, we'd be out on the streets, blocking ports, burning tyres and sheep and generally getting very upset about it

As motorists we already pay the following taxes:

VAT on Car Purchase
RFL based on CO2 emissions
Company Car Tax based on CO2 emissions (if not privately owned)
Insurance Premium Tax
VAT & Fuel Duty on Petrol/Diesel
Congestion (sic) Charging (in London)
Tolls for (M6 Toll, QE2 Dartford Bridge, tunnels, etc)

Assuming we did get some kind of concession from government (an election pledge), then no doubt they would find 'other' ways of taxing us, both directly and indirectly.

Similarly they would probably find it easier to justify road pricing, which I'm definately not in favour of, as an alternative.

On the PM's website there are the following Petitions regarding Fuel Pricing:

Fuel Pricing Petitions

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