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Originally Posted by DervFan View Post
As motorists we already pay the following taxes:

VAT on Car Purchase
RFL based on CO2 emissions
Company Car Tax based on CO2 emissions (if not privately owned)
Insurance Premium Tax
VAT & Fuel Duty on Petrol/Diesel
Congestion (sic) Charging (in London)
Tolls for (M6 Toll, QE2 Dartford Bridge, tunnels, etc)
Well .. it makes a change from articles about asylum seekers and immigration. I always have a little bet with myself about how far into the Mail I will get before I find one of those.

Almost always with the first 5 pages

Strictly speaking the last 2 are not taxes. The M6Toll is a commercial operation and for all of them you are paying to use a service (admitedly with the dartford crossing you don't have much choice though).

1.50 sounds a lot (I currently pay around 1.09 for Shell V Power), but .. it's a reminder that this stuff is a scarce resource which took millions of years to create and is running out.

Protest is your democratic right, but I'm not going to join them and I hope they don't disrupt my life in the way they did in the 1990's.