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well if you think about it the government has to pay lots of money to people that can't be arsed to get a job and fuel tax is a good start.

under the labour government we have seen some good things but social services spending is completely out of control. There are people 'earning' stacks by being unemployed and we are paying for it!

I have people in hospital in need of social care, but because there's limited funding cos the money goes to these to**ers on 'benefit', they stay in hospital for weeks. Oh and the best bit - a hospital bed costs 300-400 a night but the government would rather we spend the money using the place as a hotel than spend 50-100 a day on care. Which is also why hospitals are always full

Anyway - Fuel at 1.50 a litre - well i would'nt be surprised but maybe not as soon as the end of 2008