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here are working links. Suicidal4life posted them correctly in another thread. Looks like the links here did not work due to a simple cut and paste error.

Originally Posted by suicidal4life View Post
The GB on the Subaru forum looks to have been moved to a Mazda forum

Heres the thread checking for interest and explaining why the subi GB died

and heres the official group buy thread
reposting this info for the benefit of others not tracking the LI thread over in the 'AUDIO/VIDEO + BLUETOOTH + Electronics/Alarm/Software ' forum...

Suicidal4life, thanks a ton for tracking this down for us.

I went over the the Mazda forum and signed up. I offered to coordinate a list here and represent e90post for the GB so that everyone did not need to go over and sign up on the forum just for this GB. However, the OP really wants to keep it all in the same thread. Therefore, if you want to sign up for the GB, go over to the Mazda forum and register there and add your name to the list. Of course, if you want to try and start your own GB here then go for it. I have chsen to participate in the GB on the Mazda forum though.