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Originally Posted by tl_boy
Thank you for the great post. I have copied and pasted this into a word document because i think its so good.

I need some advice. I have very little knowledge on car detailing, and have never had my car detailed. This is not for the E90, this is for a 1999 Acura TL. It is black metallic. I have waxed it maybe twice in 6 years, and never done any polishing, claybar, or anything other than car wash.

The black is very dull and there are lots of little knicks and paint chips on it. I would like to take care of these knicks and paint chips and have touch up paint, but I would also like to restore the gloss, and blackness of the car.

So for an old car, what is good to be done?

Also, I have a 5"x6" or so dent, do you think i can put bondo in it, paint over it with touch up paint, and then wet polish and it will be like new?

Also, I didn't see the part on how to wet polish.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you found the guide helpful.

For the dent, you may want to try a Paintless Dent Removal service before trying anything else. If the PDR does not work, I'd let a good bodyshop take care of it.

As for touching up nicks, you will need to wetsand as part of the process. Unfortunately I have not written a wetsanding article.

In terms of what to do about the dullnes, just follow the guide. Wash, clay, polish with Menzerna IP via a PC polisher and a foam cutting pad. Once the dullness and swirls are gone, followup with a finer polish like Zaino ZPC and a polishing pad. Once the gloss has been fully restored, protect it with Zaino Z2.