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Originally Posted by Dr.Crap View Post
Oh and the best bit - a hospital bed costs 300-400 a night but the government would rather we spend the money using the place as a hotel than spend 50-100 a day on care. Which is also why hospitals are always full
An excellent point. We have a complete lack of of social care for the elderly in this country which is a disgrace, since no matter how smart you are or how hard you work we all get old in the end.

But, since social care doesn't exist in any coherent way, the NHS ends up providing it, which means you can't do what you are supposed to do - provide medical care.

One other thing that astounds me about the NHS. I know an orthopedic surgeon and I was amazed to find that he has NO secretarial or administrative support.

Any manager in a private company knows that to be efficient they have to delegate, but for a surgeon that doesn't seem to be acknowledged in the NHS. So instead of operating, he ends up writing notes all evening (which could be dictated and typed by an admin, then checked by the surgeon).