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Yep, it aint boding well.

Just to give you guys an update, I do quite high mileage 60,000 plus so I have had a few issues, and its now in the garage for the 7th time!!!

We have basically suggested (or threatened) BMW with early termination as this car isn't fit for purpose, so they are looking at my vehicle very closely.

Its been with the dealer for nearly 2 weeks now, and the general opinion is that all the parts are ok, but the software isnt. The dealer was ready to give the car back to me, however when it was tested the guys noticed a hesitation in the power curve, so are running further test.

BMW UK Technical are working on altering the software and running tests on my car, with the knowledge that when they give it back it needs to be right. I have the E93 and I knew I should have waited until they released the 2.0D, but everyone was raving about this new engine...

Will keep you informed of any progress

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