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Originally Posted by KanosWRX View Post
I was looking through all the settings on the NAV and have not been able to find a way to avoid part of the route it picks. For example say a traffic jam in up ahead for about 2 miles. How would I tell the NAV to re-route around it? I could do this with my old TomTom device and it was probably the best feature to have besides the actual navigation part of it Is their any way to do this on the BMW Nav system?
You should be able to choose New Route (or something worded similar) from the nav screen and then select the number of miles you'd like to change the route for. Essentially it will rejoin your current route after X number of miles if that will result in the fastest route.

I've used this several times and it works rather well. You just have to have an idea as to how much traffic is ahead of you and how many miles it would take to bypass it.