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Eurofest 2008 Caravans from NYC/NJ

Okay guys, I will organize the caravan leaving from NJ and I hope that someone will be able to organize the one leaving from NYC and we can all meet up along the way to drive up together, something like what we did for the last Bear Mountain BBQ meet last year.

All the information about the meet can be found here.

For all those concerned:
As mentioned several times in this thread, this is a cruise - not a race.
I will proceed as fast as traffic allows, which is one of the reasons that we're starting early to minimize the effects of traffic. Communication will be the key factor in keeping the Caravan intact because if anyone thinks that there won't be lane changes, think again. We have a destination to reach and I will keep lane changes to a minimum to get around slower moving cars. As long as we're passing cars, left lane is fine. But driving in the left lane with no one on the road will just send up a flag to any patrol cars. That's why the cars in the back really have their work cut out for them to block other traffic from entering the Caravan. I'll try my best to give advance notice to any lane changes, but if some a-hole cuts in under me, I will move rather quickly. If I slow down, the ripple effect will bog down the entire Caravan. You guys will have to stay alert and keep close but not so close where you are tailgating. We don't want to have any unnecessary bumper replacements.

As always, if you have a 2-way radio, please bring one. If not, you have plenty of time to get one before the meet. It really does help keep everyone together on the drive there. And please also remember to bring your EZ-Pass and if you don't have one, borrow one.

Make sure that your 2-way radio can be tuned to Channel 12 and code 8.
That is the frequency that we will be using for the caravans.

***If for some reason, you get separated from the caravan, please have this address in your GPS, so you will know where the final location will be.***
Eurofest 2008
159 South Street
Washington, CT 06793

Once we get there, we will all meet up at Point B to regroup. Cause, once we hit the local roads, it will be very hard to stay together.

Updated 04/08/08

All those participating in the Caravan departing from Manhattanville College are required to fill out the attached form for entry to Eurofest. This form must be filled out prior to leaving Manhattanville College so that when we arrive @ Eurofest, the entry process will go smoothly. You have plenty of advance notice so I don't want to hear any excuses like "my dog ate the form", "I was absent that day", etc....

Steve and I will be verifying that everyone will have a completed form before we roll out and I suggest you don't be the one who holds us up.

The form is at the bottom of this post.

***The NYC & NJ caravan will be meeting at the following address:***

Manhattanville College (Finally meeting location before Eurofest 2008)
We will be leaving by 8:30 A.M.
40 Manhattanville Rd
Purchase, NY 10577

01. oeklm = Mike O. (Registered)
02. hatchimon = Mike G. (Registered)
03. fizzle = Jamie (Registered)
04. Mark Chen = Mark (Registered)
05. chris b. = Chris (Registered)
06. DukeofURL = Steve (Registered)
07. ZTZ1010 = Zach (Registered)

Bayside Marina at the Cross Island Parkway 7:45 A.M.

01. EHbavarian = Fred +2 VW (Registered)
02. 3pete3the5greekI = Pete (Registered)
03. polok with a 328 = Tim (Registered)
04. stumpy221 = Brian (Registered)
05. infamous335i = JD (Registered)
06. cycler = Aaron (Registered)
07. nyalpine90 = Eddie (Registered)

Dunkin Donuts 7:20 A.M.

64th street and 7th Ave
Brooklyn NY

01. Kozmo86 = Junior (Caravan leader to Manhattanville College) (Registered)
02. cn555ic = Steven (Registered)
03. bogoshipyo = Kim (Registered)

Border's Book Store 7:45 A.M.
1642 Schlosser Street
Ft. Lee, NJ 07024

01. bimmer335i07 = Scott (Registered)
02. FifthStreetz = Dave (Registered)
03. ejazbmw = Moe (Registered)
04. itsbrokeagain = Matt (Registered)
05. Eazyrock = Eric (Registered)
06. jhilsinho = Jhilson (Registered)
07. TurboBmaNN = Bart (Registered)
08. Shpuntik = Dmitriy (Registered)
09. ZGirl4U = Lana (Registered)
10. slick101 = Bjorn (Registered)
11. karliejai = Karl (Registered)
12. nj323ci = Alex (Registered)
13. MyE92 = Ryan (Registered)
14. z3speed4me = Ken (Registered)
15. Project3 = Josh

NYC Caravan

01. boostedbavarian = Brian (Registered)
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