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Originally Posted by abendx View Post
Haha.... the Bob Hope!

I will be leaving work in an hour or so... I will roll down by the harbor and see what I can. I have no access to the commercial side, but can drive up to the water on the other side of the harbor.
And, I just looked at the radar maps we've posted all day long on the Aida thread and there is no SL on those maps. I've been kind of watching for her anyways.

But, it sure would be really cool if you can take a camera phone pic of Aida. I know sometimes it is hard to see them as you can't get very close. A guy once went to LA to take a pic of a ship for one of the threads I was on last summer and he was so far away from the ship the ship was a little bigger than the size of a pinhead in the photo. Ha. But, it was really cool anyways.