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Originally Posted by NYCGarbagePrince View Post
didn't you run a 12.8 with a 1.8 60ft? I ran a 12.8 with a 2.2 60ft. 12.8 is not really that impressive for my car which is why I am not too pleased with it. But I had better 60fts in warmer weather. Not to bench race, but what do you think my time might have been with a 1.8 60ft..(all things considered I don't believe I could manage a 1.8 with a manual, no lsd, and street tires) Truthfully, I will admit the amount of Tq my car puts down doesn't matter if I can't control/handle it. Obviously the amount yours puts down is more practical.
My 60ft. was actually 1.94 sec. (not too far off), and yes, you can see my best ET and my best trap speed in my sig; but this was of course in mid Dec., '07 during much warmer and more humid weather...a balmy temp of ~ 75 degrees and very humid ~ 75-80% R.H. If I ran faster than you during those conditions (and you supposedly have > 400RWHP / > 400 lb.-ft. RWTQ) and you'd like to bench race, then what do you think my ET and trap would be last night had I gone?????

Not trying to be rude or bench race at all, but with your car's power (via all those "phenomenal" Vip Tuning mods from Jacque), I would've expected you to run in the 12.4x-12.6x sec. @ 113+mph. Remember, my car just has PROcede v2 and a BMC Air Filter; you have a Vip Tuned XEDE, a Vip intake, custom exhaust, DPs, charge pipe...what else? How do you feel about Jacque these days? Has he really delivered what he promised?

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