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Originally Posted by 3pete3the5greekI View Post
yea there was a pot hole ..oor i should say hole in the city one time the width of the street about 10 feet long and 2 freet deep..i couldent cross i would just bottom out...idk wtf they weredoning but they sure for got to ficnish lol...........yea dude that does sux..i dont think u will win shit i tryed it they just laughed at me yea good luck

WTF now that is something Id like to see...they do that in the city all the time and everywhere stupid slow so they dont finish the job in one day or 3, and let it be really bad...leaving it stupid deep, even over 6 inches is just asking for a problem...regular cars have problems like that.

I remember the huge crater 3 years ago on Belt, right before exit 11 I think it was..Flatbush ave...everyone in the right lane that hit it, lost something..I seen people shear rims straight off the car, break tie rods, balljoints, tires ripped completely off the wheel, hubcaps you name it. I was doin a delivery in the van one day at my old job and got off that exit, and like every towtruck or flatbed in Brooklyn was there...everyone was getting a spare put on or gettin towed away or was really bad.

I remember seein one dude there in a nice benz, his knockoff AMG wheel had completely separated from teh car..just the center of the wheel where the lugbolts attach it to the car was still there..the front bumper and sideskirt were all messed up from scraping along the ground when the wheel let go.

He had the complete..or what was left of the wheel and the tire still around it sitting next to the car.