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Lease calculation not computing

I'm looking to lease a new 335i coupe via ED. These are the numbers that dealer has quoted me. Everytime I run the numbers through a lease calculator the payment doesn't match his (I come up with less). Can someone break this down for me?

Months- 24
Miles- 15,000
Residual- 71%
Tax- 3%
Money Factor- .00210
Acquisition Fee- $625
Tag & Title- I'll pay out of pocket

MSRP: $51,875
Invoice: $45,105
Sales Price: $45,605
Doc Fee: $499

$2400 down ($625 acq fee + $499 doc fee + $600 security deposity + first payment + a couple of dollars to provide a nice round number)

$595.17 a month

Thanks in advance for your help!