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Assael BMW (So Cal) -- Good Experience

I figure I'll post up my experience from earlier this week, and also since I read before quite a few negative things about Assael.

At first, I wanted to avoid them like the plague (from my previous experience going there a couple of years ago, and from what I've read about them) and I was contacting other internet salesmen from other So Cal dealerships to look for a 328 coupe with a certain color combo and packages. Most of them were good with getting me quotes, although they weren't always that great of a deal. But also most couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I would broaden my search for them and some of them still couldn't find what I wanted. Other than that, they were all courteous.

I found one particular model that I figured would best suit what I was looking for, and it turned out to be nearly perfect to my first choice. It was originally at New Century BMW and I was there last weekend looking for a 3-series. The internet sales guy there was nice and courteous but at the time I was looking at sedans and didn't buy anything. After thinking about it, I decided on getting a coupe instead so I then sent the same New Century internet salesman an email (similar request email I sent to other dealerships in the area) to see if they could find a coupe to the specs that I wanted. New Century called me back saying he had a car that was exactly what I wanted but wanted way to much and would not budge. He also told me that he didn't mind making $500 over invoice on a sedan (which his invoice price was bogus and high to begin with) but he needed to make at least $1000 over invoice on a coupe. I guess he really didn't want my business that much so I told him thanks but no thanks.

I got a call from Tony Ketsoyan in the internet sales department at Assael and he said he located a car for me, gave the same description of packages and I knew it was the same car. He quoted me a much lower price and I told him to get the car and if if everything was cool, I'd pick it up that night. I put down my refundable $500 deposit so he knew I was serious and he went and aquired the car. Later that afternoon, I drove over to Assael to check out the car and sure enough it was the beauty I was looking for. Tony was very courteous and showed me the car, and while it was being cleaned up we went inside to talk numbers. He kept to his quote that he gave me over the phone (a good $45/month less than New Century's deal) and I worked on the numbers a little bit more with him to fine-tune everything to what we both agreed on (I'm familiar with negotiating on the cap cost, res value, and money factor, as I've leased a few cars before).

All & all, I was out of there in just under 3 hours. It would've been a lot faster except Tony was dealing with a couple of other customers at the same time, but gave me most of the attention (probably because I was buying a car from him that night). It really didn't bother me since everything was going very smoothly. The best part about it was that he was honest about everything (which I kind of tested him on with some questions I knew already about the car). He disclosed to me which dealership he got it from, and also told me that the car was eligible for the $1500 rebate offer that was going on until the end of the month (inventory date of the car was Feb 14, so it made it before the Feb 15 cut-off). New Century never disclosed the inventory date, let alone even saying anything about the rebate (I found out about the rebate later on after talking to other dealerships when getting quotes). I guess the internet salesman there really wanted to make that extra $1500+ on me with that same car.

Overally, I had a great experience at Assael in the internet sales department with Tony and he really worked with me on the numbers on a car that was loaded with some good options (I was getting similar quotes for the similar optioned car but without navigation - mine has navigation). I don't know what he made on my deal, don't really care because I knew what cap cost I wanted to be at and he met me there on the deal. Great salesman, great service, great car, and great experience.

Now that I've said that about Assael's internet sales department, I don't know if I'll take my car there for my service after what I've read, and I'll probably just go to a closer one near me for my servicing.