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Originally Posted by jwbmw View Post
Before I get any comments my wife is out in the car.

When I test drove an E92 335D M sport last June it s nearside wing mirror glass dipped down automatically when reverse was selected.

My E92 335D SE did not appear to have this facility when it was delivered last October. I assummed that as I had not selected the folding auto dimming option it was not included. Suddenly, earlier this week, on two occassions the near side mirror dipped when reverse was selected! It has since stopped.

Should I have this feature as standard? (If so I will have to report a fault)

If so is there an OBC selection for it? (no i-drive)

If it is not a standard feature, what is going on!
All I can suggest is the switch position on the mirror control switch, this must be set to the drivers side for the dip to happen in reverse. There is no other switch on function for this feature.