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Originally Posted by Fieno View Post
If not a single person we know has this working, I think we can safely conclude the ULF retro-fit is german voice only. I can't see how every dealer across North America are so incompetent that they cant code their own cars properly.

I wish Martin would admit this and leave it at that. Even with this issue, I still think the product has a niche here prehaps at a lower price. (I know I would think about it)

I am pretty sure this thing would sell like hotcakes if Martin was able to receive these units with working english voice. I know I would instantly order one.

Just my two cents.

Martin needs to take the step of getting detailed instructions on how to reprogram the ULF to English to the public so no one looks like an idiot.

That being said, roveractivebmw on ebay said his kit come programmed for English out the box...
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