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Originally Posted by AoshichanX View Post
Ok I called Sydney Chan from New Century BMW,

I gave him the SIB 84 14 05, and my VIN # and he said he would have to do some research and call me back in 30 minutes.

After roughly half an hour, he called me back and said that for my particular vehicle I would require a bunch of accessories, including the antenna and 2 modules, each of which would be in the thousands. I told him I already have phone preparation which should include the antenna etc. He replied that he knew that already but was just letting me know what the directions said.

So I inquired, "What about part #84 109... "
he immediately replied, "... 181 230? That is a generic part # that was not compatible with your particular VIN."

Then I wondered about whether he referred to the SIB. He said yes, he was basing this all off of the SIB, that if I looked all the way through the SIB, it would describe specific parts for each range of vehicle production dates. For my particular vehicle, it would require the 2 modules and extensive labor and programming which would already be $3k alone.

So he said it was not worth it for me and yeah, I should have gotten ZPP.
That's what I thought...