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Potential group buy (window tinting) and small meet



But to those who made it on the list: Here is just about all the information you need to know:

The date
Saturday, 3/29.

Cost is $150
They accept cash or VISA/MC. Cash of course is always easier...and they have to charge tax on credit card...but they do accept it.

The schedule:

7:30-9:00 HyperM3 (07 Sedan) and Sam Da Man (07 Coupe)
9:00-10:30 DreamK (07 Sedan) and DragonMan4 (08 Coupe)
10:30-12:00 krapnoj (07 Sedan) and Sea2Ski (07 Sedan)
12:30-2:00 bogoshipyo (Coupe) and Lacartas (08 Coupe)
2:00-3:30 - Razor8724 (Coupe) and ejazbmw (2006 Sedan)

Waiting List:
whytboy (2008 coupe)
justice (2006 Sedan)
Blk07335i (2007 sedan)
335i4u2nv (Sedan)


From New Jersey Turnpike:
Take PA exit 351, Bare RIGHT after tolls, Stay RIGHT and take first exit Street Rd. West About 1 mile, make LEFT onto Philmont Ave. 145 B Philmont Ave(on left about 3/4 mile).

From New Jersey RT.1:
Continue on RT 1 South and take Street Rd. West exit just past the PA TP. About 1 mile, make LEFT onto Philmont Ave. 145 B Philmont Ave(on left about 3/4 mile).

From New Jersey 95:
Continue South on 95 to Street Rd Exit. Take Street Rd West through Bensalem and into Feasterville, aprox. 10 minutes. Make LEFT onto Philmont Ave. 145 B Philmont Ave (on left about 3/4 mile).

From Delaware, Center City Philadelphia 95:
Continue 95 North, pass through Center City and most of NE Philly. Take WoodHaven exit. Take WoodHaven until it bares LEFT and dead ends at Byberry Rd. RIGHT onto Byberry Rd. RIGHT onto Bustleton Ave. RIGHT onto Philmont Ave. 145 B Philmont Ave on Right

When to arrive:
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time to keep things moving steadly. Please arrive even earlier if you are not sure on the % tint you are going to get, so you can make up your mind and decide before they are ready to start on your car. As stated before, you are more then welcome to come out and hang as much as you wish.

If you are running late, please call the shop (215-357-3001) and let them know. If you are not there 10 mins before your time, we will be calling you to find out what's up. And remember, if you can not make it, we have a few guys on the waiting list who would love to get your spot, so let us know that as soon as possible. Also, if they end up running behind, lets be patient with them. I know I do not what them rushing on my car to get to someone elses on time... If a serious delay does occur, we will call you an notify you of the delay and what action to take.

Originally Posted by Shades of Gray View Post
We'll be starting the day off with coffee and donuts, and getting Pizzas at lunch.
Very cool Ryan! We appreciate it!

Final little note:

I will have a pair of Lux available for cash - Either 4.0 or 5.0!

At SOG I am going to install one from each set on each side of my car (With HyperM3's assistance), and decide which I like better in person. Then the other set is up for grabs. Since they are brand new, there is not going to be a discount. The price is the same as on the website - $234.99 (both 4.0 and 5.0 are the same price) : See their pricing here

If you want the set I am not going to take, I will require that you pay me with cash. And for those that might be interested, once I choose the set I like, whoever gives me the cash there, on sight first - will get the other set. I wanted to let you guys know these are going to be available, because I figured someone will be interested, and give you a chance to come prepared with the cash that will be required to get the other pair.


So, I have been looking around for some time for a good place to get my windows tinted. I must have called 8-10 places, and for different reasons, no one impressed me.

Finally, because of another thread, I ended up calling Shades of Gray window tinting. and was impressed. They knew all about the E90 rear windows getting scratched, and explained to me what the work around was. So, I am going to go there to get my tint. In talking to the owner, I asked if they do group buys, and he said he would work with us on the price depending on how many cars there are, but we did not talk any specific numbers.

What I can tell you is this:
1) The standard price is $180 for a E9x that is the non-discounted / non-group buy price. If we get several cars, it will be cheaper.
2) They use Llumar films
3) Their films are computer cut onsite, and upon request, will hand cut them.
4) If there are several of us, we can book him for a day so I was thinking of having a small meet there.
5) He offered to let us use his shop for other mods if we wanted to, while they work on the cars they are tinting.
6) Currently he is booked out 2 weeks. So the earliest we could have it is Sat, 3/22.
7) Wireless internet is available - so if anyone wants to bring a laptop, feel free so you can surf

The date has been decided: Sat 3/29

If you are in, add your name below.

1 Sea2Ski 3/29 or 4/12

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