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One other thing I forgot to mention - the films are computer cut. I am not sure how much that matters, but I noticed I did not mention that in my first post.

The $180 (before group discount) price is for either the coupe or the sedan. They charge the same for either car. I did ask that question (about two extra windows) and he said that, yes, it is more work, but the amount of film used is just a little more on the sedan, because the coupes rear window is larger then the sedans. Now, to me it does not make sense not to charge more for the labor, but I am certainly not going to say anything!!!

lacartis - I am going with 35% all around. (no - not the windshield....) I think that will look good, not ghetto on my sparkling graphite.

I will call him again and try and get some hard numbers based on the numbers we have right now, and see how many more we need to get another break.

So right now, we have:

Sea2Ski (E90)
Sam Da Man (E92)
DreamK (E90)
Lacartus (E90)

HyperM3 (E90)
Dragonman4 (E92)

So far, date does not matter.

And btw... I am going to order my LUX soon and plan on installing them that day. I just have to decide whether to get 4.0 or 5.0 HMMmmmm....