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Originally Posted by Sea2Ski View Post
If you are hesitant about anything, feel free to give them a call and ask. One of the guys I talked to (at another shop) said that the computer cut is to minimize waste and allow the install to go much quicker. Trimming is still required, but the amount that has to be trimmed is much smaller, hense less waste and a faster install time since there are no rough cuts that have to be made.

But that is what I was told. I am not an expert on this topic in any sense of the imagination, and they guy could have been BS'ing me.

But I am not worried about gaps at all. They welcome you to watch the install process, and if I see a gap - I will be certain to bring that up!
alright dude thats cool..idk about any of this stuff but as long as ur looking out for me im cool