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Hey, there are many people selling 189's and 162's on the Marketplace subforum of this site. Obviously, they are virtually all in the states. This should not deter you though. If you are quick to buy you should be able to get something new or very close to new for $1,200 -$1,400 plus shipping. You can protect yourself from fraud by using paypal.

I bought a set of 189's some 2 weeks ago for $1,300. Paid $650 for shipping (UPS - 5 days), taxes, duties, and brokerage fees. Wheels and tires all came perfect. Sure this adds up to around $2,000, but call your dealer and the best you will get for a package will be over $4,000 plus taxes. And that is not for the styles that you are looking for. A front style 189 new is $699 plus taxes!

Now, if only winter would end so I could put them on!