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Originally Posted by Bluesummer View Post
Nice result!

what was in the bag? LOL
It's just some food I bought from the market..forgot to take it out the night before..

Originally Posted by Bluesummer View Post
wait... why is this in the market place seciton?
O yeah why it's in marketplace forum?

Originally Posted by radgator1 View Post
Yeah, that was one funny exhaust clip In general you want to hear what it sounds like doing something other than idling

But it looks like some nice work done on your car. This is very similar to what walkedu did as the second configuration of his exhaust. As I recall he felt it was undrivable from the noise and drone of the basy tone you hear. On the other hand he hated the first 4 or 5 exhaust setups he had and rumor has it he has spent around 7 or 8k just on all these different exhaust setups so he is obviously hard to please and you may be able to live with it

I'm gonna post better one next week..
Yeah the basy tone was so loud at rpm 2k-3k.. Luckily I didn't change the x-pipe, I guess the tone will be louder..Should I put back the 2nd cat? That thing was so heavy..