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OK, well its not fixed........after driving around for an hour or so on Saturday we were stationary in traffic....wife, in the passenger seat, said "What was that? Is it STILL doing it??" Yep....its still doing "the shake"....up until then it was just a feeling that it wasnt running as smooth as it its confirmed, I'm back to square one...and the problem is, I will now be waiting for it to die on me again.....

So, what next? Is anything happening with this collective complaint, or do I go it alone?

One things for sure, I am not going to be fobbed off with any old hire car again.

I am paying for a 32k motor so I expect to either have one that works properly, or be given one at least as good while mine is sorted out.....its just not good enough....

Any update on this would be helpful before I start beating my own drum....thanks.
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