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I did my first oil change at 2236 miles. Everything went very smoothly. Took me about 1hr since I was going thru all the comments I printed to make sure I don't miss anything. Great writeup. Thanks to everyone who contributed tips.

I torqued the oil pan screw to 25Nm, per the instructions here. Also something I found very useful to tighten up the oil filter cap to match the green lines is a Craftsman Strap Wrench from Sears. Looks like something older people would use to open jars, but it did great job to move the filter cap the last 1/4 inch to line up the green dots. See picture.

I used my friend's ramps which he got for his Vette. They were very easy to get on and are wide, no problem at all.

UPDATE: just did my second change at 9006 miles. Got my own set of Rhino 12,000lb ramps, and with a piece of wood, got the car on them without a problem. I took out a large mirror from my wall to help me see where the car was on the ramp. Probably the best thing I did with this oil change to help me get on and off the ramps. I also lined the area around the filter cap with shop rags and the little oil that spilled did not get anywhere around like it happened last time. Check the pics of my 6770 mile old oil and filter, I used the little nacho tray to soak the new oil filter (just put it in there with some oil and rotated the filter). The tray has the old and new oil in it.
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