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Originally Posted by M3to335 View Post
Ale house is one of our favorite places in Durham. We would definately be up to meeting there anytime.

BTW- I was just telling my wife about your car. One of the hottest M3's I've ever seen. Nice work!

too funny 'cause i was telling her about your and tomas' cars. i showed her the crappy pics i took (most came out a bit shaky with my being on crutches and all)....that got her smiling. then i showed her pics of your car from the site to which you uploaded some. as i mentioned, she ain't into cars that much but she is looking forward to checking out your ride when she comes out and we meet up.

i appreciate the kind words. and you know i am lovin' your car. i was on 2 hrs. of sleep (in 36 hours or so) so i am sure i was babbling. btw, let me know if you need help getting the lamin-x film. i will also dig through my stored parts and see if i have some pieces of the exact same film that are large enough for what you are looking for.