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Originally Posted by chrisbin View Post
Well I've just got in touch with Customer Services who, by the way, are unaware of any "unresolvable" issues with the 320i engine.......

They are going to contact one of my local dealers to arange something.....we shall see what happens next....
LOL trust me BMW customer services are very aware that they are having serious issues with this engine!!!

39,000 car, that is about to get returned!!! The garage basically were ready to return the car to me, and I asked for an overview in writing on what they had done (After is been in 7 times I'm a little sketchy on whats been replaced) and basically to explain to me in writing that they had fixed the issue.

This quite simply stopped the garage returning the car to me, and they are now waiting for a regional BMW technician to take the car out and give his seal of approval or advice.

BMW UK have been made aware of the termination fee that they will need to foot if I return this car, and they are throwing everything at it.

The basics is, that the parts are okay, but the software isn't! They should never have used Microsoft Windows on it!!!

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